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Providers of complete, client focused, end to end solutions for the design, build and operation of high voltage networks, substations and associated equipment from before construction through to operations.

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Managing the complexities of electrical systems and associated equipment offshore is core to what we do. We have extensive experience within ONRG of working on both offshore wind farms and offshore transmission systems (OFTOs) from construction through to operations and maintenance (O&M).

What our customers say:

We have worked closely with the Offshore NRG team over the past few years, and they have delivered, providing versatility and flexibility to the overall operation of our wind farm, whether that is in the innovative training approach or providing knowledge and expertise operationally, they have delivered on all counts. Itโ€™s a great example of how a relationship with a specialist provider can work when we are all working towards the same goal.

Steve Hodger โ€“ Principal Operations and Maintenance Manager (Offshore Wind, East Anglia) 


We understand what is needed to develop, construct and maintain an onshore high voltage connection for:

  • Onshore wind farms
  • Hydrogen
  • Private networks
  • New connections
  • Charging point connections

Our team has a background from the transmission and distribution sector, as well as the power generation, giving significant experience and knowledge available to our future projects.

What our customers say:

Since first meeting the NRG team in 2018 its fair to say they have gone from strength to strength. Chris and Warren as Project commissioning panel meeting representatives was key for the success of the most recent site connected to grid at the Bramford site. Following on with a complete focus for: NG Safety Rules, NSI requirements, CDM coordination, construction, commissioning and the final snagging works completed in  2022. For NG having the right client facing representatives is key to delivery and the NRG team delivered with excellence.

Jim Lewis โ€“ National Grid – Bramford

Battery Storage

Bulk Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Solar both require a high voltage connection to ensure their product, energy, has a route to market. This special business area takes all the knowledge and experience from offshore and onshore to make tailored solutions to fit the specific needs of these projects.

What our customers say:

Interfacing at the best of times is a challenge across our customer base, so we called upon the ONRG team back in 2021 to represent us for 0.5million pound Gas Insulated retrofit campaign. They managed HV Safety, Work planning & logistics.  From initial engagement to project completion for us, the Offshore NRG team delivered beyond expectations. Meeting both the HV technical challenges and focussed budgets.

Martin Kรถther – ABB Power Grids Germany AG

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